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EquiVET Ireland



We specialise in both lameness and loss of performance investigation in equestrian athletes across all disciplines. From overt lameness, to a recent disimprovement in results or a subtle stiffness on one rein, we will ensure a comprehensive overview of your athlete . We engage the most reliable and cost-effective diagnostic modalities and deploy cutting edge equine sports medicine and rehabilitation to ensure an optimum return to performance.

Pre Purchase Examinations

We perform a very large number of pre-purchase examinations each year offering a bespoke vetting service tailored to your requirements. We pride ourselves in the highest standards of integrity which we consider paramount to the pre-purchase examination. For international clients, we will liaise directly with both you and your own vet to ensure the examination completely satisfies your requirements. Where radiographs or ultrasonography are requested we will ensure the highest standards of equine imaging are met.  

We also offer a radiographic assessment service whereby we can give our opinion to clients on x-rays they have had taken from anywhere in the world. This service provides clients with both confidence and clarity in making an informed decision upon their future purchase

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